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Web colour schemes

Looking for some inspiration for your web colour scheme? Then have a look at some of the tools below. Colorblender is a free online tool for colour matching and palette design! To get started, choose a preferred colour using the...

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Colour Blender

The Colour Blender is a nifty tool that takes the effort out of finding a palette of colours for your web designs. Rather like the word game of doublets in which you change black to white*, Colour Blender does the...

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Colour Palette Generator

The Color Palette Generator is a useful tool for creating a colour palette that matches an image. However the image needs to be online so you would need to upload it to your site first. Simply enter the URL of...

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What the hex? Color by name

Fed up of trying to remember your colour hex code? The this page could be what you are looking for. Instead of #3cb371 how about mediumseagreen? Colorschemer provides a handy reference list of all 140 browser-supported named colors, which you...

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