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UK-specific search engines

Google UK - British searching via MSN UK - Microsoft's UK search engine FAST / AlltheWeb UK - Ex-Lycos & Freeserve results provider BBCi Web Search - BBC's Inktomi-based UK-focus search Ask Jeeves UK  - Finds results or 'answers'...

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How the search engines work together

Many search engines take their information from other directory listings. If you want to see how Search engines work together then Advanced Website Publishing has a useful interactive display....

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UK Browser Statistics

Statcounter has launched a new global stats tool which lets you see at a glance how the various browsers are performing. Stats can be viewed on a worldwide or a UK basis. Other regional countries and breakdowns are also available....

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Firefox 3.0 Becomes Most Popular Web Browser

Firefox 3.0 has become the most popular web browser in Europe for the first time, overtaking Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 according to web analytics firm StatCounter's global stats tool. Firefox 3.0 took 35.05% of the European web browser market followed...

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Bing v Google Pt I

Bing is a new search engine from Microsoft. Will it dethrone Google from its dominant position? That remains to be seen although for ease of use it compares well. The main area of concern though will be for web developers...

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Bing v Google Pt II

The Catalyst Group have carried out a usability study to gather users' general impressions of the Google and Bing search engines, their willingness to continue to use one or the other, and the attention they paid to advertising space on...

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2011 UK Browser Statistics

Statcounter's useful browser stats tool shows that Chrome overtook Firefox in July 2011 for the UK number 2 browser spot behind IE. Other useful charts:...

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