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Lorem ipsum generator

Looking for some dummy text to put on your website while building it to help with your layout? Then use the lorem ipsum generator to create paragraphs with ease. It uses a dictionary of over 200 Latin words, combined with...

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Dreamweaver Tools for Google

Easily add Google Checkout, Maps and Search to any web page. Dreamweaver Tools for Google allows you to to quickly add powerful Google Search capabilities targeted to your site, drop a Google Map on any page to highlight multiple locations...

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Dreamweaver Extensions

Japan Interface also has a couple of useful extensions: Lorem and More - indispensible when creating new sites while awaiting copy from the client. Lorem and more offers you the choice of traditional Lorem ipsum, a bit of genuine Cicero,...

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Curvy corners Dreamweaver extension

Looking to create a curved corner box on your web page? Then this curvyCorners Dreamweaver extension will do it easily and with a minimum of effort. CurvyCorners will create on-the-fly rounded corners for any HTML DIV element, that look as...

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