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Putting avi files on iPhone

Using a Mac? If you have avi files that you want to view in QuickTime and add to your iPhone then you will need to convert them first.

There are a number of plugin tools that will enable you to view them in QuickTime:

  • Perian - the Swiss army knife of QuickTime

Once Perian is downloaded and installed, then restart your Mac and open the avi file. All being well, it should now show video as well as sound.

Some digital cameras and camcorders produce AVI videos with fourCC M4S2. You can find out if this is the case by opening your avi file in QuickTime and choosing Show Movie Inspector from the Window menu.

If your file is a Casio or Canon generated file (and Perian doesn't work) then try these links:

Copy the files into the QuickTime folder in Library on your hard drive. If you have installed Perian then you should see the perian.component file already there.

Now that you can view the avi file you will need to convert it to a .m4v file so that it can be read by the iPhone.

Again there are a number of tools for this but for ease of use then I recommend using QuickTime Pro which costs £20 in the UK. It allows you to export the file for web straight away from the File menu. You then simply add it to your iTunes library and sync or manually copy to your device.

The arrival of Snow Leopard may mean that this can be achieved with the new standard version of QuickTime.

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