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FAQs about Line of Site

If your question isn't answered here, please feel free to contact us with your enquiry using our contact form or by emailing

Where are you based?
Line of Site is based in Kent but we have produced sites for clients the length and breadth of the UK as well as in the US, France, Spain, Gibraltar and Japan.

I'm in Leeds / Edinburgh / Cardiff, how can I use Line of Site?
The nature of the web means that you are not limited to choosing a company located nearby.

During development, all sites are built on our server to which you will be given access via a password. This means that you can check the progress of your site day or night and see any changes as they are made. You are also free to send the URL to interested parties for review. Dialogue with Line of Site is generally by return email or phone but we can visit you if required, although experience has shown that this is only rarely necessary.

We pride ourselves on our 100% customer satisfaction rate and work hard to ensure that your site is built to your complete satisfaction wherever you are based.

Your prices seem cheap - what's the catch?
No catch at all - the published price is the price you pay. Our happy experience is that Clients frequently recommend us to their friends and family, or business colleagues which brings in more business and keeps our advertising costs down.

How do you communicate with your clients?
We communicate by email or by phone (and can provide a local rate number if more convenient) or you can Skype us using the user name lineofsite. We pride ourselves in prompt communication - often by immediate return - so you can feel confident that you will receive the best of attention.

Can you provide references?
You are welcome to contact any of the sites shown on our examples page for a reference. You can also read some of our recent testimonials.

I'm new to this and don't have a clue...
Don't worry - you're not alone! Line of Site are well used to beginners to the web and we will explain everything you need to know in easy to understand terms.

Will adding a shopping cart add significantly to the cost of my website?
Not necessarily. Many clients require ecommerce facilities which only need a simple interface for the payment element of their site perhaps by the addition of PayPal or Nochex buttons. If a full blown ecommerce shopping cart facility is required we generally use an open-source product which is free and would only charge for the set up costs thereby keeping costs to a minimum.

I need a database - will this be expensive?
As with the ecommerce option, we try and keep costs to a minimum by using a lowcost out-of-the-box content management system which is extremely versatile and can be adapted for most requirements. Many companies charge for building a bespoke database which can add significantly to the price of a website. Line of Site understands that startups do not want to spend vast sums on setting up their new sites and try to price accordingly.

We are a non-profit organisation, do you give a discount?
We give a 10% discount on all published prices for charities and non-profit organisations.

How long will my site take to build?
For small sites - ie under 10 pages - your site will normally be completed and live within a week. So providing you can agree the design and provide your content in good time there is no reason this timescale can not be met.

What are your payment terms?
We ask for a 40% deposit with your order so that we can purchase your domain name and set up the hosting space. The balance is only payable when you are entirely happy with your completed site. On receipt of the balance, the password is removed and your site is made live. Once the design is agreed, if there is undue delay on your part in supplying the remaining content we may occasionally ask for an interim payment but this is rarely necessary - most Clients are keen to see their site live!

What are the steps involved in building my site?
We generally start by designing the home page (the page people see when accessing so that the general look and feel of your site can be agreed. To this end you should supply the content for this page as soon as possible after placing your order.

If you have any preferences for colour or layout, or equally, features you don't like then you should send examples if possible. You can look at the Line of Site example pages for guidance. Don't worry if you don't have any idea about layout as Line of Site can provide plenty of guidance. You will be sent a link to a draft site for approval within one or two days of the order being received. You are free to comment and make requests for changes as often as necessary until you are happy with the design and layout.

Once you have agreed the design and layout then you should submit the remaining content as soon as possible to enable the site to be completed within a reasonable timeframe.

Will you write my content for me?
Unfortunately no! But we can give you plenty of advice and guidance as to how to write effective content. You can also read our article on writing search-engine friendly copy. We will carry out minor edits and correct spelling but the responsibility for the content rests with our Clients.

I already have hosting can you still build my site?
Yes. We do not insist that our Clients host their sites with us. You will need to supply us with the login details for your hosting company so that we can upload the completed site. Naturally we will not have any control over the availability of your live site which is your responsibility. When your current hosting is due for renewal you are free to take advantage of our free hosting offer and transfer to our service.

Will I have webmail access?
All sites hosted by Line of Site provide webmail access to your email so that you can access your mail when away from the office or on holiday. If your site is not hosted by us then this will depend on your hosting company.

Will the site you build for me perform well on the main search engines?
We optimise all sites as far as possible to perform well, however this process (known as optimisation) is not an exact science and we can make no specific guarantees. Search engines rely on plenty of well written content to index pages and small sites by their nature, will struggle to compete against larger more frequently updated sites if they have insufficient content. Line of Site will advise if your content is too small to be effective.

New sites are indexed by the search engines through a process known as spidering ie they move from site to site by following hyperlinks. All new sites are added to our examples pages to aid the process. As an established site regularly visited by search engines this will help your site be found in its early days on the web.

Will you continue to maintain my site?
We look after all our Clients' sites and will carry out minor updates 'post-live' free of charge for the first year. This may include changes to text or images. Ongoing annual charges vary according to the size of site but are around £70 for our Basic web design option up to £125 for our Small Business Plus package.

If you recommend a friend we will give you a year's free hosting!

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